Thermochromic inks for printing

Thermochromic paints use pigments that react to temperature. As a result, they can dramatically change in an instant. With an increase in temperature, there is a color change, which either completely disappears or changes its shade in a unique way (as it fades, the paint reveals the color beneath it). Thermochromic paint is a practical product that can make a truly big impression!

Reversible and irreversible thermochromic paint

Thermochromic paints are divided into reversible and irreversible types. In the former, the color fades due to heat, e.g., from the human body, hot liquid, hair dryer, etc., and then returns to its original shade. As a result of touch, the original color momentarily disappears, which can have a very wide application. Most often, reversible thermochromic paint is used as an authenticity safeguard for tickets, securities, lotteries, coupons, and packaging, as well as a marker for reaching or dropping temperatures used on labels and packaging. However, these aren’t its only applications! It is also perfect for marketing, board games, and escape rooms. Reversible thermochromic paints are also used to indicate a drop in temperature, e.g., on labels of cooling drinks to signify that they have reached the desired temperature in the refrigerator.

Irreversible thermochromic paints are somewhat less popular than the reversible variant due to the fact they permanently change color. Nevertheless, they are used in many areas of industry and medicine. They work best in printing markers confirming that a given product has reached a high temperature, for example, to indicate that a product has been cooked (reached boiling point) or to mark sterilization or autoclaving.

Thermochromic Paints at SPLinx

At SPLinx, you will find many thermochromic paints that change color in response to temperature. They come in a variety of shades and different variants. They not only transform surfaces in a unique way but are also extremely functional. Want to learn more about thermochromic paints?

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