Reversible Thermochromic paints for industry

Reversible Thermochromic paints react with a colour change to a change in temperature. The colour disappears after reaching a limit temperature, together with temperature increase, and vice versa – it reappears after the limit temperature is reached, with decrease in temperature.

The process of change begins at a specific tempreature, then the transformation of colour (discolouration together with the increase and recolourisation with the decrease) lasts in a range of several degrees. The colour change is reversible – after reaching the initial temperature the ink returns to its original colour.

A designer is able to shape the image depending on the thermal conditions of the surroundings, colour it when it is cold, and discolour it when it is hot.

Surfaces may react to the heat of a human body or other temperature sources, thermochromic motifs reacting to the touch, ice or warm air, structural elements changing colours under the warmth of sunrays or hot water, heaters changing colours after turning the heating on.

By designing installations with the help of thermochromic paints, a creator plays a kind of a game with the installation coated with such paint, using available means of temperature change such as the heat of a human body, heating devices, coolness of the ice, etc.

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