Fluorescent and neon paints for construction

Fluorescent paints

Fluorescent paints emit extraordinarily pure colours similar to those of a glowing neon. They create a coating with incredibly bright, eye-catching colours.

This kind of paints emit colourful light thanks to the excitation to glowing through the exciting factor, which – in this case – is the UV light present in the daylight. Most often chosen paints are odourless acrylic paints and phtalic carbamide (or oily) paints, which, because of their specific odour, are better suited for the external use. In order to see the properties of the fluorescent paint in all its glory, we can view it in two ways: in the daylight, where it exhibits bright, neon colour, and under the UV light (from the blacklight lamp), when it glows in contrast to the dark surroundings.

Where can one see fluorescent paints?

The range of their use is very wide.

Fluorescent paints are often used in city space, as well as in night clubs, theatres and dance halls as an element of decoration in text and paintings, which gives the place interesting, almost exotic climate. 

Wykorzystuje się je najczęściej w miejscach, które w szczególny sposób They are most often used in places which are supposed to attract the attention of the spectator and to intrigue them with their brightness, expression and incredibly pure colour.

Informational function of fluorescent paints

Fluroescent paints are equally often used for warning and information purposes. Their distinctive colour makes the spectator focus the attention on them.

The spectator is somewhat forced to take note and analyse the message presented to them this way.

Fluorescent paints on the walls of the children’s rooms

Fluroescent wall paints will also work in children’s rooms as a part of multicoloured paintings or insctiptions, illuminating the room with a blaze of bright and flashy colours, which are liked so much by the youngest ones.

Surfaces best suited to be covered with such paint are concrete, plastic, wood and metal. Prior to painting, they should be covered with a carefully selected base coat. 

Methods of application of a fluorescent paint on walls and other surfaces

The paint can be applied with a brush, air spray or a roller. In order to maximalise the effect, it is recommended to apply two or even three layers of paint.

Usually it is not used for painting over the entire wall, but to rather distinguish selected areas, which are supposed to attract the eye and amaze with their detail and brightness.

Fluorescent paints are susceptible to the UV light and are able to glow under the ultraviolet, provided that a special UV lamp, which is safe for humans (so-called ‘blacklight lamp’) is used.

farby fluorescencyjne do ścian

Wide colour range of fluorescent paints

Splinx offers fluorescent paints in many colors. Bright yellow and orange fluorescent paints give the best effect.

These paints present vivid, lively colours – from bright yellows through oranges and reds, to pinks and purples. Wide range of high-quality fluorescent products guarantees interesting arrangement solutions and satisfaction with the purchase.

We care about the quality of fluorescent paints

At SPLinx, we care about the highest quality of fluorescent paints at every step of their production. We constantly widen our knowledge on new methods of production of special paints.

We have certificates which confirm the quality of our products. Apart from fluorescent paints, we also offer thermochromic paints.

We do not limit ourselves only to producing paints which can find use in construction. We also manufacture gold and silver Pantone inks, which are most often used in printing houses.

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