Scented coatings for construction

Scented coatings are coatings which emit fragrances after rubbing a dry surface of that coating.

They contain microcapsules with essential oils, which – after damaging of the microcapsules’ walls (e.g. by rubbing them by hand) – emit the ordered scent. Thanks to this solution, the scents of these coatings are released generally „on demand”.

We can provide scented coatings equipped with new-generation microcapsules – they do not get destroyed completely after rubbing, but the fragrance essences penetrate through the walls of microcapsules under pressure, releasing the scent gradually.

Thanks to this technology, the fragrance lasts extremely long. Available are practically all the scents present in nature. Use of scented coatings gives the interiors an unusual character, it attracts by using another – next to the sight – sense, causing additional effect of interaction.

An architect can create scented walls, which release scent after rubbing them with hand, elements of space or installations which release ordered scents. There is a possibility of preparation of a scented coating with an essence provided by a Customer.

Fragrance oils which meet specific chemical requirements are put into a process of microencapsulation. They can be used in situations when a company would like to present its customer with a fragrance it produces (e.g. cosmetic, perfume, cream, etc.) at some atypical and unusual place.

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