Sprayable liquids with nano substances for industry

Sprayable liquid with nano substances is a kind of an antiviral and antibacterial coating which works with an enormous power.

It is based on nano-sized additives, which excellently absorb and degrade all the organic substances, including microbes such as viruses, bacteria, pathogens, mould, fungi etc.

There is a possilbility of adding nanoplates with nanotubes to a curently existing combination of nano substances which will increase the biological activity of the spray components and thus, result in even stronger biocidal effect.

The nanostructures filling our biocidal coatings have almose an electrifying effect, they destroy all the harmful microorganisms in an extremely effective and immediate way.

An addiitional yet very important feature of our liquid is easy application, because one can very easily spray it onto surfaces we would like to protect.

Nano-sized particles do not need a layer of a coating which has adhesive (sticking) properties to the substrate, just as it is in case of traditional paints and varnishes.

Their size guarantees absorbtion and merging into a single structure with a coated surface. Nanoparticles, after such application, become a part of a coated material.

This way, we can protect all kinds of surfaces, products, installations, constructions, elements of our surroundings not only from dangerous effects but also from transmission and spread of dangerous diseases and infections.

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