Invisible fluo inks

These inks are almost completely transparent or milky white in the average light, only after lighting them up with the UV lamps they reveal a real blaze of colours.

Inks glowing under UV are used for creating expressive and surprising decorations of labels and packagings. After turning off the lighting and turning on the UV light (so-called „blacklight”), an alternative world full of colours and images, which have not been seen before at all, gets revealed to the eyes of a spectator. A printer can use them for creating interesting elements which enrich the product and make the image and advertisement more attractive.

Thanks to the advertising banners highlighted with the UV light, unusual effects, visible only after UV lamps are on, can be created. The creators of products’ securities against counterfeiting and forgery use these inks just as willingly.

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Invisible fluo inks for printing

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