Special paints based on silver nanoparticles in the electronics and automotive industries

Special paints are distinguished by their versatile and diverse effects, and therefore they serve multiple purposes. They found the use in various industries, including electronics and electrotechnical industry as well as automotive industry. One of the most popular conductive paints are those based on silver nanoparticles. They make the flow of electric energy through a plate or a small circuit possible. Their action is so effective that this type of special paints often replaces other traditional solutions. How do conductive paints work? What are their most important advantages? How are they used in the electronics and automotive industry?

Conductive paints based on silver nanoparticles – how do they work?

Special conductive paints have the ability to conduct electricity which means that they can transport energy. They usually consist of a kind of a base and a substance with a high electrical conductivity. Depending on the type of paint, the base are usually polyurethane-based, epoxy, water-based, or acrylic paints. On the other hand, silver nanoparticles are used as particles which conduct electrical energy. They are considered one of the best conductive chemicals. Silver consists of two stable isotopes – silver-107 and silver-109. Thnaks to it, the coat of conductive paint becomes a surface with maximum electrical conductivity, but also high resistance and adhesion to the substrate at the same time.

The advantages of electrically conductive paints in the electronics and automotive industries

A big advantage of special paints based on silver nanoparticles is their ability to create state-of-art connections and plates which conduct electricity. This solution is increasingly often picked than traditional methods because it is definitely more affordable and simpler and does not require lots of resources nor commitment. The application of paint is not complicated and takes relatively little time. Moreover, the coating is extremely durable and can perform up to a few years. Versatile special paints are adapted to many different surfaces, therefore they can be applied to wood, plastics, or glass, as well as paper, or textiles.

Paints based on silver nanoparticles in the electronics

Conductive paints are primarily used in the electronics and electrotechnical industries. They are valued especially for their quick and easy application and high performance. They are mostly used wherever relatively low costs of conductive material are an advantage but also where precision and small size of conductive surface count.

Paints based on silver nanoparticles are successfully used in small repairs of conductive screens and paths. Thanks to them, a reconstruction of connecting paths, creating conductive substrates for galvanic processes as well as repairs of printed circuits is extremely effective. Conductive paints are excellent for connecting all kinds of electrotechnical and electromechanical components. Moreover, they can be used in temporary repairs which require mainly fast completion. In this case, paints based on silver nanoparticles are suitable e.g. for the reconstruction of wires or cold soldering.

By using special, silver-based paints, even very complex electrical circuits can be created. They are used, for example, in the production of mobile devices such as telephones or laptops. Special paints can also be used in the production of computers. With their help, all kinds of screens and displays, for example in TV sets, are produced. Silver-based paints can also be found in domestic appliances and various small electronics.

The automotive industry and paints based on silver nanoparticles

Special, conductive paints found broad use in the automotive industry. They can be very often seen as an element of car equipment and accessories. Paints based on silver nanoparticles are used e.g. in radio aerials which enable receiving radio and television signals. They are also used in the construction of screens, e.g. on a dashboard. Thanks to them, the everyday use of the car and its additional functions is significantly easier.

Special conductive paints are also present in the car window heaters. Their principle of action is very simple – tiny conductive paths are embedded in the glass. They warm up after activation. Their task is to melt frost and snow which settle on the glass at low temperatures. Apart from that, special paints based on silver nanoparticles are also used in the costruction of all kinds of controllers and sensors, e.g. rear sensors which improve safety and comfort of driving.

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