Scented packaging and labels – the use od scented varnishes in the packaging industry

Among all the ways to present the goods, the packaging is one of the most important ones. This is why it is worth taking care of its appearance. The current possibilities allow to do it not only strictly from the visual side but also influence the customer experience. A scented varnish which makes the packaging emit a unique fragrance is perfect for that. This creates many amazing possibilities on the sales market. Nice smells are positively perceived by the brain, they influence the memories and draw attention to a product. How do scented varnishes work? Where can they be applied? How to fully use their potential? What to pay attention to when buying the best scented varnish?

Human senses and marketing – innovation and creativity

Matketing is one of the most important pillars of sales and creating the image of the company. The interaction with a customer, which can be done by stimulating all their senses, is incredibly important.

To the eyesight, the packaging that is colourful, eye-catching, and pleasing to the eye is tempting, to the touch it is the opportunity of seeing the product and getting to know it better, and for the hearing, for example, a pleasant music in the store.

However, that is not everything, because with so many used strategies and with such a strong competition, innovation and creativity is an advantage, and often – also the road to success. This is why scented varnishes, which allow to unconventionally approach sales, were created.

Scented varnishes – how do they work?

The principle of operation of a scented varnish is relatively easy. A selected fragrance is closed in special microcapsules which are mixed with a special varnish. After application on a paper, all it takes to get the full intensity of a scent is to rub the surface.

Moreover, it is extremely long-lasting and intensive even after a long time. Another option are pernament scented varnishes which do not need rubbing and the scent is strongly felt even from the moment of printing. Their disadvantage, however, is a relatively short longevity (the scent fades quite fast).

Currently, available are many different scents which exist in the nature such as the scents of plants, trees, flowers, or spices, but also the ones created by humans; one can also freely create their own fragrance. Scented varnishes are selectively applied on a packaging or a label.

It is worth printing such an area in a way that is known to be scented. Scented varnishes are printed on both packaging and self-adhesive labels. It is worth mentioning that the use of an ink does not weaken the quality of the print in any way, and the varnish can be applied on any colour or a picture because of its transparency.

Scented varnishes – available types

There are many types of scented varnishes on the market. A varnish should be adjusted to the requirements and application, e.g. the type of a product it will be printed on.

Varnishes can be used in all kinds of printing technologies, for example in typography, gravure, screen, or flexo printing. It also works in sheetfed and web offset.

Scented varnishes are used in production of flexible packaging, papers, cardboards (including corrugated ones), all kinds of parcels and packages as well as product labels. They can also be used in creating magazines and advertising catalogues.

Where are scented varnishes in use?

A product packaging should make the customers want to make a purchase. This is why it is worth doing everything to create a need and interest the recipient. Scented packaging is an interesting and creative approach to sales. Varnishes can be used directly on a packaging so the customer knows in advance what the given product smells like. The scent is dificult to describe with words and, from the recipient’s point of view, the best is just to just feel it.

These varnishes are used primarily by the companies which products focus on smells. This solutions is perfect in case of perfume or fragranced products – car fragrances, personal care products, household chemicals, or home care products.

They are also perfect in all kinds of leaflets and advertising catalogues because they allow to get to know the product better – for example, it takes to rub a selected area to feel the smell of perfume. Scented varnishes have also found their use in the food industry.

They are used in creation of labels for aromatic coffee or tea. Scented varnishes are an interesting supplement to children’s books and an additional stimulus for development. A fragrance is sure to enhance advertising materials such as calendars, post packages, or gifts.

What to pay attention to when buying a good scented varnish?

A guarantee to a high quality scented varnish is a good company. This is why it is worth choosing experienced producers. Thanks to it, one can count on a wide selection of products and support with the purchase.

The best scented varnishes guarantee a long-lasting, rich fragrance which attracts the attention of the customers

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