Fluorescent paint for stone and paving bricks

A fluorescent paint for stone available within our offer will enable you to create spectacular graphics. Choose SPLinx and enjoy the possilibities offered by our products. Fluorescent paint for paving bricks comes in many colour variations. This will allow you to create even very impressive designs. We welcome you to get to know our range!

The use of fluorescent paint for stone

A fluorescent paint for stone uses the phenomenon of fluorescence. Thanks to it, our product starts glowing under the influence of UV light. It is an extremely spectacular visual effect! But fluorescent paint for stone attracts the attention during the day as well. This is when its bright, neon-like colour clearly shows.

All of it makes our fluorescent paint have an extremely broad application. It can be used e.g. on stones inside a cafe, bar, or restaurant. An interesting idea is also the use of fluorescent paint on stones in a garden or on a patio. Thanks to it, you can not only illuminate the area but also create an unusual decoration. This is a perfect solution for those people who got bored with traditional lamps or other products which illuminate the path.

Farba fluorescencyjna do kamieni w wielu wariantach

As a paint manufacturer, we perfectly understand that our Customers have various needs. This is why you can find various products within SPLinx’ range. We offer phthalo-carbamide, polyurethane-based, and acrylic construction paints construction paints to our Customers. We also have spray paints and body paints. Thanks to them, you can create unique patterns on various surfaces.

All our fluorescent paints stand out with their high quality, unique colours, and great technical parametres. It is an effective and safe way to renew your interior or decorate your garden. We encourage you to get to know our offer!

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