Fluorescent paint for glass and porcelain

Owners of service points are in constant search of new decorations which would encourage their customers to visit their business. A fluorescent paint for glass available in our offer is perfect for that. This product will surely make your building stand out. This is why fluorescent paint for glass is the best choice!

An excellent idea for a unique decoration

Fluorescent paints during the day are distinguished by their sharp, flashy colours. Their colour is often compared to an advertising neon which is well known to us. They are used especially when they have to attract the attention. They catch the eye not only during the day but also at night. Fluorescent paint for glass starts glowing brightly in contrast with dark surroundings  under the influence of UV light.

This is why it is so often used in clubs, bars, or at various kinds of events. When buying our construction paints, you can also use them to mark important places at your space. Then, they fulfill a warning and information function.

Fluorescent paint on the glass, mirror, or other glass object will surely enable you to create extraordinary decor. However, this is not everything! Our fluorescent paint can also be used on porcelain. Thanks to this, it offers lots of possibilities!

SPLinx – a proven manufacturer of fluorescent paints for glass

At SPLinx, we know everything about fluorescent paints for glass. We also perfectly understand all the various needs of our Customers. This is why you can find phthalo-carbamide, polyurethane-based, and acrylic paints within our offer. Spray paints and body paints are interesting suggestions as well.

However, this is not everything! As a paint manufacturer, we have taken care not only about the variety of our products but we also offer custom-made fluorescent paints for our Customers’ individual orders. This is why it is you who will decide on their colours. Would you like to know more details? Contact us today!

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