Fluroescent red paints for construction

When illuminated with UV radiation, a UV fluorescent red ink starts to glow. But its unique properties can be seen not only at night but also during the day. Then, the red fluorescent paint gains extremely bright colour, resembling an advertising neon. Thanks to it, an advertising banner, mural, or other graphic element painted with it, will be perfectly visible both during the day and at night.

Fluorescent paint in red

The red colour attracts attention without a doubt. It is associated with the action and thus – gives a boost of energy. This is why fluorescent red paint has a great effect on recipients. It is not surprising that it is perfect in public spaces where a potential customer is exposed to many stimuli and it is hard to convince them to look just at your graphic. Fluorescent red paints can be an element of advertisement or an eye-catching decoration of your surface. However, nothing stands in a way of using it at home or a utility space such as a bar, club, or restaurant.

Fluorescent paints use the phenomenon of fluorescence. It occurs in realtime, which means that as soon as UV radiation appears, the paint starts glowing brightly, and once the light source is off, the glow disappears as well.

Fluorescent red paints with a wide range of applications

Construction paints available at SPLinx can be used in various projects. This is why we offer phthalo-carbamide, polyurethane-based, or acrylic products, body paints, and spray paints. Thanks to it, fluorescent red paint can be used on metal, concrete, or plastic..

As paint manufacturer, we know very well that our Customers all have different needs. Hence you can find here not only fluorescent red paints but also products in yellow, green, white, or blue. We encourage you to get to know our offer!

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