Fluorescent blue paints for construction

Can’t decide whether a paint should be neon-coloured or glow in the dark? We have a solution for you! A fluorescent blue paint during the day has a beautiful, expressive colour, similar to an advertising neon, and glows at night under the influence of UV light. It is a combination which will surely make your banner, painting or inscription stand out.

Applications of a fluorescent blue paint

A fluorescent blue paint, thanks to its unique properties, has extremely wide range of application. During the day, it is characterised by a unique, neon colour, which definitely attracts attention. At night, however, by using a natural phenomenon of fluorescence, it starts to glow under UV radiation. This process takes place in realtime, which means that when the exciting factor disappears, the product immediately goes out.

A fluorescent blue paint can be used in creating unusual advertising banners or painting interesting murals on building facades. It is also a product which will help you decorate a disco, concert hall, or walls at your home.

Fluorescent blue paint in SPLinx’ offer

Within our offer, you will find a fluorescent blue paint coming in many variations. We offer products for metal, wood, concrete, or plastic. You can also buy here:

  • phthalo-carbamide fluorescent paints – perfect for exterior use
  • acrylic fluorescent paints – have excellent pigments and can be used on virtually every surface
  • polyurethane fluorescent paints – distinguished by their good elasticity, hardness, excellent adhesion to substrate and resistance to changing weather condition
  • sprayable fluorescent paints – allow for creation of interesting decorations. Most often used with painting stencils

At SPLinx, we not only distribute, but also produce fluorescent paints. Therefore, on individual order we can create a product tailored to your needs and expectations. Contact us today and choose your fluorescent blue paint!

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