Fluorescent orange paints for construction

Orange is a colour that evokes only good connotations. The sun and fire are warm and pleasant. And our fluorescent orange paint will help you refer to these emotions and intensify them. This is why it is a perfect solution when you are planning to create a mural, advertising graffiti, or decoration in your bar, club, or restaurant. Check out fconstruction paints available within our offer and make your even most daring projects come to life!

Fluorescent orange paint on UV

Fluorescent orange paint, as the name suggests, uses the phenomenon of fluorescence. It starts to glow under the influence of UV light. The process occurs in realtime which means that as soon as ultraviolet is off, the product goes out.

What is interesting, fluorescent orange paint available in our offer is unusually visually attractive even during the day. It has a very bright, expressive colour, which resembles an advertising neon to many people. Thanks to this pigment, very interesting effect can be achieved. This is why our fluorescent orange paint is the most popular colour from our offer. Our Customers appreciate its unusual brightness and use it in marking various kinds of surfaces (e.g. trees in the forest industry) or the bodies at entertainment facilities or discos (body painting).

Fluorescent paint at SPLinx

As a paint manufacturer paint manufacturer, we have taken care of the highest quality of our products. They are distinguished by high pigmentation, efficiency, and high resistance to moisture and aging. Thanks to this, our fluroescent paints fluorescent paints enable a long-lasting decoration of a building wall or renovation of furniture and decorative items. By using it, you will give your interiors a completely new life.

At SPLinx, fluorescent paints come in many interesting variants. They differ by type, application, and colour. We offer acrylic, polyurethane-based, phthalo-carbamide paints as well as body paints and spray paints which can be used on metal, concrete, wood, or plastic. They come in e.g. red, pink, yellow, white, or green. At SPLinx, there is something for everyone! Would you like to find out more? Check out our offer or contact us! Our specialists will help you choose a product that meets all your expectations.

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