Fluorescent green paints for constraction

Would you like your graphic design to truly stand out? Without a doubt, a fluorescent green paint will help you achieve it. This product has special properties which are sure to attract the attention of passerbys or potential customers. Check out our offer and find out how much we can offer you!

UV-reactive fluorescent green paint

To make a fluorescent green paint glow, it should be illuminated with UV radiation. This product uses the phenomenon of fluorescence which occurs in realtime. When the illumination source is off, the paint will also stop glowing. It is a simple mechanism which is perfect in the case of advertising graphics or murals. An interesting application of green fluorescent paint is also marking dangerous places at a company or evacuations route with it. Then, it serves the warning function.

Unique properties of fluorescent green paint can also be seen during the day. Then, one can see its bright, almost neon colour. Thanks to it, the paint definitely stands out and attracts attention. This is why it is often used as decoration in clubs or bars.

High quality products at an attractive price

Construction paints not only allow to achieve a spectacular effect, but are also very easy to apply. All you have to do is clean and degrease your substrate, and then – apply one-two layers of paint (depending on your expected coverage) with a brush or roller. Lastly, you have to wait for the product to dry (the drying time varies depending on the product used). This is enough to make the fluorescent paints fluorescent paints show their true colours!

As a paint manufacturer, we have taken care of the variety within our offer. Thanks to it, you can buy acrylic, polyurethane-based and phthalo-carbamide products as well as body paints and spray paints. Our paints also come in many colours and that will allow you to pick a right product for your project. We encourage you to get to know our offer! Our fluorescent green paints are high-quality products at an affordable price!

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