REFLECTpaint - reflective paints and microbeads

Paints and varnishes with the ability to reflect light used to create signs, boards, symbols, warning and information inscriptions, both in horizontal and vertical marking. In this way, they contribute to improving the safety conditions on roads, parking lots, production and storage halls, barriers, barriers, etc..

Reflective microbeads are glass spheres of various sizes that act as small lenses or mirrors. They focus and reflect light towards its source, e.g. car headlights, flashlights, light bulbs, etc.

Reflective balls can be used either in the form of varnish or paint by embedding them in their mass or by sprinkling a wet layer of previously applied colored paint or transparent varnish on the surface.

Reflective paints look best with a white primer, although they can also be successfully used with a full color palette of paints.

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Reflective microbeads for construction

Reflective paints for construction

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