A set of special paints for an average Joe

In recent years, special paints have found a number of applications in many fields of human activity. Special paints are currently used in creating a wide range of information-warning markings, both in horizontal marking of lines, inscriptions, and symbols on road surfaces, and vertical marking of boards and shields with inscriptions and symbols, in visually highlighting elements of design at night clubs, tattoo parlours, escape rooms, advertising, murals, at car races, sport events, other events and many other gathering spots. They are also more often used in broadly understood health and safety industry to create warning signs, their unique features are also used by industrial ornamentation, toy industry, food industry and many, many more.

In the plans of SPLinx, a Polish manufacturer of special inks and paints used in printing, construction and industries, is to meet the need of using special effects in everyday life of an average Joe (or average Kowalski, as we say in Poland). So far, the purchase and use of special paints was generally restricted to a narrow group of specialists and insiders in this subject. The growing and more realised need to add some form of an unconventional, expressive, or interactive means of expression to one’s surroundings has prompted us to suggest a range of paints an average user could use in a simple way, not requiring specialised knowledge, achieving quite unconventional and sophisticated special effects as a result.

Within the range of SPLinx GLOW, targeted to an average user, will be available a wide spectrum of special effect paints, so far used in specialised industries. These are: fluorescent paints, glowing with neon light in daily exposure as well as under UV light or even IR at night, phosphorescent paints, glowing in the dark, paints changing colours under the influence of temperature, metallic gold and silver, pearlescent, glitter or optically variable, paints reflecting light, changing colour under the influence of water, sun, or chemical factors, scented (containing microcapsules with fragrances), magnetic, conductive, penetrating, scratch-off and other ones reacting to rubbing, biocidal, and many, many more.

Initially, they will be offered in four categories of application. Acrylic, water-based paints named GLOW AQUA will be introduced to the market first. These paints are ecological and easy to use, and they can be applied on various surfaces, from interior walls to exteriors, on wood, plastic, fabric, generally on undemanding surfaces (some applications will require the use of primer). Special paints from GLOW POLI line will be premiered second. These will be polyurethane-based paints for use on demanding surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, metal, difficult synthetic substrates, etc.

An interesting group of GLOW special paints SPLinx plans to introduce to the market in the next phase are going to be products for aficionados of entertainment and eccentric displays on their own bodies, for use at night clubs, during special events, at Halloween, in makeup etc. It is a GLOW BODY series for bodypainting as well as for other elements in contact with skin. A set of special paints for an average Joe which SPLinx plans to introduce to the market as last is GLOW SPRAY. As the name suggests, these will be special effect paints in spray form. A simplicity and ease of application as well as a relatively strong adhesion to difficult substrates are undoubtely advantages of this range of special paints. They are already sucessfully used by foresters, motorsport enthusiasts, street artists, mural creators, etc.

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