The use of fluorescent inks for printing food packaging

Low-migration fluorescent inks

Low-migration fluorescent inks, glowing thanks to the phenomenon of fluorescence, is the latest design trend which took many industries by storm, engaging the attention of entrepreneurs and customers alike. It can be successfully used in e.g. packaging printing. State-of-art, high quality fluorescent inks have low migration level into the structure of the product and meet strict European norms. This makes them suitable for use in food industry, among others.

Fluorescent inks for printing food labels and packagings

The fight for the customer continues, especially in the food industry, where the proper display of products is key. The main incentive is a well designed and decorated packaging. To make it stand out even more, producers reach for technical innovations and the latest achievements in design technology. Fluorescent ink is one of them. However, for it to be used in food industry, it should comply with lab norms and EU atests, which determine its migration level into the product inside the packaging. The best fluorescent inks do not come into contact with food, do not migrate into it, do not affect its consistency or flavour. It can be successfully used for decorating packaging, focusing on the aesthetic aspect, maintaining the safety of end customers at the same time.

The use of fluorescent inks in food packagings

The innovative method of printing food packagings with fluorescent ink allows producers and store owners to display their goods even better. Uniquely bright, vivid and pure colours will catch the eyes regardless of where the product will be located. Just the daylight or UV rays will be enough to bring out the incredible beauty in food packagings covered with a fluorescent ink. Moreover, fluorescent inks can also be used for printing food labels, which will make them even more original. The best printing companies also give a guarantee of lack of contamination of the product, which is particularly important in times when the health aspect is so highly valued.

Who are the fluorescent food packaging inks for?

Fluorescent inks are dedicated especially for these companies who want to distinguish their products on store shelves and look for innovative solutions. Packagings covered in them are eye-catching and, depending on the lighting intensity, give off different visual sensations. What is more, fluorescent inks for food packagings can equally as well influence the appearance of goods in warehouses and during transportation.  Is is incredibly important in the context of image and can be a stem to PR activities on a larger scale. Moreover, fluorescent inks for food packagings can be successfully used at nightclubs, bars, and discos. With their help, alcoholic beverages can be excellently displayed, e.g. by illuminating a bar, counter, or tables with UV light.

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