Scratch-off inks in printing lottery tickets, game coupons, vouchers, and more

Currently, it is hard to imagin e a field where special inks and varnishes are not used. It is mainly due to their versatile applications and interesting effects. They are often used and often outperform other, traditional methods. It can be very well observed at the example of scratch-off inks. Their special properties make them perfect for printing lottery tickets, game coupons, as well as vouchers, and more. Scratching the ink off enables seeing the inscription or a design underneath. How exactly do scratch-off inks work? Where are they most popular? What does scratch-off ink printing look like?

A few words of introduction – what are scratch-off inks used in?

Scratch-off inks are used wherever there is a need to temporarily cover the layer with information. What is important, however, is that scratch-off inks give the possibility of relatively easy removal of the coating in order to reveal information or a design underneath. This is why scratch-off inks are often used by mobile network operators, stores’ and supermarkets’ chains, but mainly – lottery organisers.

Scratch-off inks enable revel of hidden information only after taking a desired action – for example, a customer finds out whether they won a lottery only after they buy the voucher and scratch off the layer which covers the hidden information. However, it should be remembered that nowadays, the use of scratch-off inks is not limited only to gambling, they also find their use, for example, in marketing.

Scratch-off inks – a method of application to the surface

Scratch-off inks are actually not one ink but a set of special products which consists of an anti-adhesive base varnish and a scratch-off ink which covers the information. The anti-adhesive varnish is applied first. It is transparent and is intended to protect the printed information, but also to make the scratch-off layer removal easier. It creates a barrier between the information layer, visible after removing the protective layer, and a scratch-off ink. At the end, the actual scratch-off ink is applied. The scratch-off ink usually comes in: silver, gold, white, or black, but it is also possible to obtain a different colour.

The most important advantages and properties of scratch-off inks

Scratch-off inks have an array of special properties which enable the producer their effective use in printing. The scratch-off layer of this ink system is distinguished by its high opacity level, which, in combination with a thick enough layer, makes seeing the print underneath practically impossible. At the same time, it has poor adhesion to the anti-adhesive varnish applied on the information layer. It makes the coating removal by using a fingernail or a simple tool such as a key, a card, or a coin much easier.

Why are scratch-off inks worth choosing?

The additional advantage of a scratch-off ink is the possibility to print an additional image or an inscription on a finished scratch-off layer. It enables printing more information, enriching the aesthetic, and creating an additional protection against attempts to unravel the hidden data. A scratch-off ink is also distinguished by its special consistency which gives it the desired scratchable properties. The ink does not chip off during removing with a tool; instead, it rolls up and has the right stability of the effect over time. This makes using scratch-off inks simple, convenient, and fun. Moreover, scratch-off inks are unusually versatile. They can be applied on any surface: on papers, coated papers, foils, and even plastics, among others. It allows making creative projects according to one’s needs.

Where are scratch-off inks used?

Most often, scratch-off inks are used by the organisers of all kinds of lotteries in printing various tickets, coupons, or vouchers. Thanks to them, a player can unravel if the prize will be theirs only after the purchase. The scratch-off ink enables creating attractive tickets and coupons and often very complex games. They help entertain the player and create an attractive product.

Apart from that, scratch-off inks are also used in printing various activation codes which remain hidden until they are purchased and a new owner uses the scratch-off. This way, PIN codes, control numbers, or telephone codes are hidden. Scratch-off inks are also very popular in prepaid telecommunication services.

Since recently, scratch-off inks have been used in marketing as well. A scratch-off inks is used in covering calendars, business cards, posters, or labels. It is a relatively new, original way to create a unique marketing campaign, to interest the recipient and stand out on the market.

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