Neon-like, eye-catching, fluorescent price tags and labels informing about price discounts used in marking sale events in supermarkets

An appropriate display of goods in the store does not lead to success on its own. This is why producers and retailers take various marketing actions to improve sales. These actions include distinguishing the products through proper marking. Especially goods on sale should attract the attention of a customer and encourage them to make a purchase at the same time. Neon-like labels are perfect for this. Price tags made with special inks have numerous advantages and are often used in supermarkets. What is there to know about fluorescent inks? How do they work? How can special inks be used in marking price discounts in stores?

How do special fluorescent inks work?

Compared to other special coatings, fluroescent inks are mainly distinguished by their attractive, interesting appearance and colours. Their principle of action is not complicated. The ink absorbs ultraviolet light which is then reflected on its entire surface. Due to this, UV radiation, invisible to the human eye, becomes visible. This effect allows to obtain neon, bright colours which strikingly stand out against the surroundings.

Fluorescent inks in the production of neon price tags

Fluorescent inks are used in many fields to mark important orientation spots. Due to this, they have also found their use in marketing. With their help, neon labels and price tags are printed. Thanks to the unique properties of fluorescent inks, they not only fulfill the information function but are also visible from afar and immediately catch the attention of the customer. Neon price tags and labels are great for marking sales and price discounts. Selected products strongly stand out against the rest of the assortment which is supposed to encourage the consumer to make a purchase and translate into better products’ sales.

The most important advantages of special fluorescent inks for product labeling

Fluorescent inks have many advantages which translate into their high popularity. First of all, they are extremely versatile. Special coatings are suitable to cover the majority of materials, therefore they can be used in production of price tags from papers of various grammage and quality. On top of that, fluorescent inks are very durable. They are resistant to mechanical damage. It is especially important in supermarkets where the goods are constantly exposed to contact with a customer.

Moreover, special fluorescent inks come in a variety of colours. The most common are neon shades of yellow, orange, and green; however, red, blue, or purple pigments can also be found. It allows to divide the products and label the assortment even more conveniently.

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