The use of special paints and varnishes in the production of helmets for firefighters, motorcycling, and the construction

Special paints and varnishes fulfill many important functions in various fields. They enable, among other things, taking care of OSH, which is occupational safety and health. Special paints often do not only make everyday tasks much easier but also make the work safer, and that is extremely important. They are used for marking and protecting helmets which are the basis of safety at construction sites or streets. Which special paints and varnishes are used in the production of helmets?

What should special paints for painting helmets be like?

In many industries, helmets are a mandatory piece of equipment for employees. Special paints are primarily used in the production of helmets for firefighters, which are supposed not only to guarantee safety but also be visible from afar. The same goes in the case of helmets used in the construction. Here, the colour of special paint, which has an additional meaning, is important as well. However, helmets are also used by motorcyclists not only to protect them against possible accident and injury but also as an important piece of outfit which allows to stand out on the road and accentuate individuality. This is why visual effects of the helmet are important, and thanks to the paints, original colour and look can be obtained.

Special paints should not only be durable and perform well at work in difficult conditions. It is also very important for a helmet to be airy and lightweight so that it does not interfere the employees who are fulfilling their daily tasks. High-quality special paints are resistant to scratches and damage. Moreover, in many cases, the appearance and effect that could be achieved by using a certain type of paints or varnishes are not insignificant.

The production of helmets – the most popular special paints

The range of paints used in the production of helmets is very broad. Excellent are primarily fluorescent, phosphorescent, and reflective paints, used for visibility in a workplace. On the other hand, the use of thermochromic paints and products for decals can be seen most often in order to achieve an unique appearance.

One of the most interesting forms of the use of special paints is the application with screen technique for wet decals. Thanks to this technology, an extraordinary design of helmets can be created. Special paints intended for wet decals allow to apply very detailed graphics which would be too difficult to paint directly on a helmet surface. They are most often used for decorating motorcycle helmets, especially in complex designs and custom-made patterns.

Fluorescent paints – bright, visible colours

The biggest advantage of fluorescent paints are their bright colours, very well visible form afar. The pigments absorb ultraviolet light and then convert it to visible glow, which makes UV radiation somewhat visible to the human eye.

Thanks to fluorescent paints, helmets are visible during the day as well as at night (given that they are exposed to UV light, e.g. by using ‘blacklight’ lamps). The colour of the helmet is important because many internal regulations may assign different meanings to specific colours. Fluorescent paints can also be used in production of helmets for firefighters. During field work and in difficult conditions, good visibility is crucial, therefore bright colours are excellent here.

Fluorescent paints are increasingly often becoming an interesting addition to motorcycle helmets. Not only do they increase visibility on the road but also give a unique, original look to the accessories.

Phosphorescent paints – safety after dark

Phosphorescent paints absorb and accumulate radiation during the day to gradually release it at night. This allows to obtain a glow-in-the-dark effect which is especially useful in the production of helmets. Thanks to special paints, the helmet surface becomes visible after dark. The producers use the effect not only to improve safety of the employees in low light but also to make the designs on motorcycle helmets more interesting.

Thermochromic paints for exceptional visual effects

The producers of helmets, in search of original ideas, are more willing to reach for inconventional solutions. One of them are, for example, thermochromic paints. The dyes discolour or completely change colour under the influence of the temperature differences. They are most often used in painting motorcycle helmets. Thanks to it, they can not only interact with the surroundings but also with a human – for example, the heat and touch of the human body.

Reflective paints – much better visibility

Special reflective paints are used in the production of almost all types of helmets. Their surface reflects light of vehicles directed at them, which is an additional asset especially on the road or in poorly lit areas. A helmet covered with reflective paint is perfectly visible even in difficult conditions and at a large distance.

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