Hydrochromic paints

Paints which change colour, discolour, tint or disappear after exposure to water or moisture. Reversible hydrochromic paints become transparent after wetting, and turn white again when dry.

Hydrochromic paints can be used for creation of interactive construction projects. After contact with water (e.g. rain), colourful designs, which have been proviously invisible, appear on the walls, fences or pavements. With their help, it is possible to create installations which can be washed off with plain water, elements painted black which change colour after contact with moisture.

We can also create walls like colouring pages in children’s rooms. After applying water with just a paintbrush, a white hydrochromic paint becomes transparent, revealing a design or a picture underneath.

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Irreversible hydrochromic paints for construction

Reversible Hydrochromic paints for construction

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