Reflective paint. Types and applications

Reflective paint increases safety on roads, car parks, production halls and warehouses. It is not a suprise then that it finds wide use in construction and industry. What are reflective paints? How do they work and how are they used? Read our article and everything will be clear!

Light-reflecting paint

What are reflective paints? They are special products which contain reflective components (microbeads). Thanks to them, the paints have the ability to reflect the light directed at them. It matters especially in the dark or at poor visibility, when we want to bring out an inportant part of the infrastructure. The use of the paint which reflects the light increases the level of safety on the road and in other areas.

The marking paint is often used in difficult conditions therefore it is distinguished by its excellent technical parametres. It is resistant to weather conditions (does not deteriorate under the influence of humidity, frost, or sunlight) amd mechanical damage. It is especially important in the case of reflective road paints which are constantly exposed to many unfavourable factors. It is also important for the components in the paints to work not only under the influence of the natural light but also artificial one. They should also stand out with their durability, efficiency, and safety for people and the environment.

The application of reflective paints

The application of reflective paint for metal and other surfaces should be carried out in accordance with the producer’s recommendations. Thanks to it, you can be sure it will be applied correctly, and the achieved effect will be truly long-lasting. In the case of reflective paint by SPLinx, this product looks best with a white base coat underneath. However, it can also be used with other colours.

In reflective paints by SPLinx, a pigment is dispersed in a paint or a varnish which is a transparent base. Thanks to it, it does not need to be applied by spray. All it takes is to apply a reflective paint to a selected surface and enjoy the obtained result. These, however, are not the only reflective products available within our range. We also offer microbeads themselves in many different sizes, supplied in powder form. This product must be applied to a wet coat of paint, pushed into under pressure, or sprinkled on the surface.

Reflective road paint and other products

Reflective paints find broad use in various areas of life where the improvement of the visibility of objects is crucial to ensuring safety. They are, however, especially important in the construction or in industries.

In road transport, reflective construction paints are used in painting road lines and signs, which enhances their visibility to drivers and pedestrians. It is especially important in poor visibility or in darkness. A reflective white road paint is also used in painting elements of road equipment, such as barriers, bollards, information and warning signs.

In the industry, reflective paints for metal and other surfaces are used in painting safety-related objects such as safety curtains, work clothing, helmets, or reflectors. It enables to increase the visibility of the employees and prevents accidents in a workplace.

Reflective or luminescent paints – which ones to choose?

To sum it up, reflective paints are a special type of paints which increases visibility in poor visibility or in darkness. They are necessary in painting road lines, road signs, safety-related industrial objects, and many other details. However, these are not the only product which allows to obtain an interesting visual effect. As a paint manufacturer, we also offer paints which start emitting glow under the influence of the exciting factor. Luminescent paints include:

  • fluorescent paints – contain fluroescent pigments which allow them to absorb ultraviolet light (UV) and emit it back in the form of visible glow
  • phosphorescent paints – emit visible glow after irradiating them with ultraviolet or normal light
  • electroluminescent paints – emit glow due to the electricity flow through the coating

Each of the listed products has a bit different principle of action which determines the application. This is why, before choosing a paint which is supposed to guarantee safety in the construction or industry, it should be considered which variation would be appropriate. Have questions? Contact us! Oure experts will answer your questions and advise on whether a reflective, fluorescent, phosphorescent, or electroluminescent paint is better.

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