Modern markings in OSH – the use of phosphorescent, fluorescent and reflective paints for work safety improvement

OSH (occupational safety and health) is a set of rules which make the work not only hygienic but, primarily, safe. This field enables shaping the right conditions for employees. A number of regulations maintain modern and practical solutions which make the work safety level increase. Paints are especially helphful here. They enable marking surfaces or specific elements so they are noticeable and expressive during the day as well as after dark, when the lights are out. How exactly do paints for marking work? How are they used in OSH? How to use these paints at a workplace in the most effective way?

OSH marking paints – basic types

The main feature of paints used in OSH is that they reflect or emit the energy in the form of light. The most popular types are primarily phosphorescent and fluorescent paints. Apart from them, reflective paints can also be distinguished. What are the differences between these types of paints? What is there to know about them?

Phosphorescent paints – what are they and how do they work?

The biggest advantage of phosphorescent paints and the reason why they found their use in OSH is their glow-in-the-dark effect. The mechanism is not complicated – a phosphorescent paint captures and accumulates radiation which then is gradually being released after dark.

Thanks to this, the painted surface does not need additional irradiation with any lamp to be able to emit the light at night – all it takes is for it to be at a darkest place possible.

The highest-quality phosphorescent paints not only are very clearly visible and difficult to pass by them, but also stand out with their long glowing time of up to 10 hours, which is enough to last all night long.

Fluorescent paints – what should one know about them?

The application of phosphorescent paints is not difficult and does not differ significantly from classic paints. Depending on the type of surface or an item to be painted, various methods are used. Phosphorescent paint can be applied by using a classic paintbrush, or a roller, or a spray gun.

Fluorescent paints są Fluorescent paints are able to emit glow visible for the human eye. Their operation is relatively simple. They convert ultraviolet radiation into the glow visible for the human eye, thanks to which objects covered with a fluorescent paint become very bright during the day or – illuminated by special UV lamps – visible at night.

Fluorescent paints stand out with their expressive, strong, visible from afar colours. After dark, the glowing effect can be obtained with even a small dose of UV light. These paints are visible not only at night, but also during the day. This is why they are very often picked for marking single details and even entire surfaces at workspaces.

They are perfect when applied in the form of marking lines on the floors of halls, warehouses, or garages. Fluorescent paints are also often used for marking evacuation routes at dark spaces such as cinemas, pubs, bars, or at places where various kinds of public events take place.

Reflective paints – basic information

In order to obtain a paint that reflects light, a surface paints should be mixed with a special granulate which has reflective properties. Its microscopic particles act somewhat like a mirror which reflects and additionally focuses the light falling on the surface and reflects it in the opposite direction.

The granulate can be combined directly with a paint by applying it under pressure with a special gun, thanks to which it combines with the applied paint even before drying.

You can also add the granulate to the paint itself. However, it is not the only method of application because the paint can be applied by using a regular paintbrush of a roller; there are also sprayable products available.

Marking paints and OSH

Reflective, fluorescent, and phosphorescent paints have found wide use in OSH thanks to their specific properties.Due to the fact that they reflect or emit the light ar different times of day and night, they serve to mark selected areas or objects.

They are used for marking vehicles and cars as well as roads or road signs. They are perfect e.g. during renovation works where new markings for the drivers have to be applied to the road. These paints are adhesive to many substrates, therefore their application is relatively easy, and the effects – unusually lasting. Reflective, fluorescent, and phosphorescent paints allow to highlight especially dangerous places at halls.

Thanks to it, communication paths for employees or mechanical vehicles can be marked out. They also allow to designate space where the goods are to be stored as well as packing or transport areas. These paints are also used in car parks, maneuvering areas, and garages, where they enable efficiently managing the vehicle traffic and designating parking places.

OSH paints are used in marking sports’ pitches, making the use of them safe, and the rules of the game – clear.

Marking paints are perfect both indoors and outdoors because they are resistant to difficult weather conditions such as low temperatures, humidity, or sunlight, which they are constantly exposed to at workspaces.

HaHalls or warehouses are places where there is no shortage of contamination as well as load caused by the stored goods or vehicles, therefore OSH paints have to also stand out with high mechanical resistance. The majority of them is able to meet the requirements listed above.m.

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