The use of phosphorescent paints in OSH marking

Special paints have many different applications in everyday use. Marking OSH products is a very demanding task because safety in public facilities, workplaces, or warehouses depends on it. Paints must be visible and easy to locate in the case of danger. Hence, phosphorescent paints are most often used in marking OSH products. They are distinguished by not only their satisfactory visibility, but also versatility and how easy to use they are.

The principle of operation of phosphorescent paints

Phosphorescent paints stand out with their unique special effect. Their most important asset is their glow-in-the-dark effect. It is not a complicated mechanism at all. During the day, the phosphorescent paint absorbs and accumulates ultraviolet radiation, which is then being gradually released after dark. During the day, phosphorescent paints remain transparent, and at night or after the lights in the room go out, they start glowing their own glow in any colour – for example yellow, green, blue, or red.

Phosphorescent paints – most important advantages

An advantage of phosphorescent paints is that the pigments contained within do not need to be additionally illuminated in any way during the effect occurance (emission of radiation), as it is in the case of fluorescent paints which effect depends on the action of UV light in realtime. In the case of phosphorescent paints, all it takes is for a painted surface to be in a dark place and the glowing effect will appear.

Phosphorescent paints found wide use in OSH marking because of their very good visibility in the dark – they immediately catch the eye and it is difficult to pass by them indifferently. Moreover, they stand out with their very long illumination time and after irradiation, they can emit glow up to 10 hours, which is practically all night long.

Another asset of phosphorescent paints is their versatility. Apart from classic, water-based, polyturethane-based, or phthalate-oli-based paint in a can, you can also choose a spray version. A big advantage is the adhesion of phosphorescent paints to almost all substrates. They can be applied onto wooden, stone, plastic surfaces, and even on concrete and asphalt, which makes them suitable for marking many kinds of objects and items. What is important is that painting the surface with phosphorescent paint does not take much time. It can be applied fast during road works to indicate danger or to apply new traffic markings.

The application of phosphorescent paints is not only very easy and fast but also the outcome is unusually durable. OSH markings should be visible; it is very important because it translates to safety. Phosphorescent paints are resistant to external factors, for example rubbing, load, or contamination, therefore they can be used even in extreme conditions – at the halls or warehouses where there is vehicle traffic. Thay also stand out with their high resistance to weather conditions. They work in both very high and low temperatures, are resistant to sun radiation and humidity.

Applications of phosphorescent paints in OSH products’ marking

Phosphorescent paints, due to their properties, are irreplaceable when it comes to marking products in OSH. They serve to mark selected places or objects. Thanks to the glowing effect, selected areas are visible and eye-catching, they can then serve indicating specific places or objects as well as imposing certain rules which are intended to serve the broadly understood safety.

Phosphorescent paints on roads

Often, phosphorescent paints are used in marking vehicles and cars. We can also see them on roads, in the form of vertical and horizontal signs. They are perfect as a signaling substitute during renovations and road works. They can be used in applying new markings for the drivers, and – at the same time – steer the vehicles, maintain safety, avoid collisions. Phosphorescent paints are a convenient solution – they are distinguished by a perfect adhesion so they can be applied on the road quickly and conveniently.

Phosphorescent paints at warehouses and halls

Phosphorescent paints work perfectly also at warehouses and halls. They enable not only marking especially dangerous areas but also designating traffic paths for employees or mechanical vehicles. Thanks to them, it is possible to mark space for storage of the goods or places of their loading or transport. Phosphorescent paints are well visible from afar, and markings make work easier and more efficient. They enable the employer to adapt to the current OSH regulations regarding the marking warehouses or trade halls. Aside from warehouse halls, phosphorescent paints can be seen in many other places. They are used in marking e.g. car parks, maneuvering areas, and garages, which allows traffic management.

Phosphorescent paints in marking OSH items and paths

Phosphorescent paints are also suitable to mark items that are crucial from the point of view of OSH. They can be used in marking, for example, devices for fire extinguishing and fire protection wich should be easy to find in an emergency. They are also used in marking areas where such objects are stored. Phosphorescent paints also play an important role in marking evacuation paths. They can be used in painting not only markings, but precisely indicating the entire length of the evacuation path, therefore it is visible even in difficult conditions, for example, when the electricity goes out.

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