The use of special paints and varnishes for the decoration of night clubs, go-go clubs, discos, pubs, bars

Special paints and varnishes are present in almost every area of life. They can be used, for example, in night clubs, go-go clubs, or all kinds of pubs and bars. They allow to give a unique vibe to the space and make it special. The visual aspect of night clubs and bars translates to their attractiveness. The guests enjoy places with a cohesive, interesting interiors better, which makes the time spent there even more memorable. Which special paints are used in interior decoration in pubs, bars, and clubs? What is there to know about them?

Which special paints and varnishes are used in interior design in clubs, discos, bars, and pubs?

Clubs, pubs, or discos are places which serve the entertainment. People go there to relax and have a good time. This is why the designers and owners of such places especially care about unique interior design. The more interesting it is, the more it attracts the attention of the guests. Thanks to the decorations made with special paints, the place is more likely to be memorable and stand out from the competition. Paints serve for decorating rooms or bars, they can be used in covering larger surfaces or bringing out selected details. The most frequently picked special paints and varnishes used in such places are: metallic, fluorescent, phosphorescent, photochromic, or thermochromic paints.

Metallic paints and varnishes for interior design

Nothing gives such an originality and glamour to the space as a subtle shine of a metallic surface. This is why metallic paints are so often used in clubs or bars. They are distinguished from other types of paints by their subtle metallic shine. It relates to the phenomenon of reflection of light by metallic pigments included in a paint. The surfaces covered with metallic paint look exclusive and original as well as optically enlarge the room. They also give something extra to post-industrial, loft interiors, emphasising their personality and style.

Unique vibe in pubs, clubs, and restaurants – fluorescent paints

Another good solution which works in spaces such as clubs or pubs that focus mainly on originality and unique vibe are fluorescent paint. Their principle of operation is not complicated – they absorb ultraviolet radiation and convert it to a bright, visible glow which gives off a special glowing effect. The surface glows with a bright, expressive colour. Fluorescent paints are visible both during the day and at night, given that they have acess to at least a trace of UV radiation. Fluorescent paints are often used in interior arrangements of nightclubs and go-go clubs as well as pubs, bars, and discos. Their vivid, bright colours glow under the influence of radiation and perfectly harmonise with the lighting inside. After turning off the lights and turning on UV lamps, they reveal beautifully pure, brilliant colours, hidden beneath the – also bright, but not as much – colours visible in the daylight. Special paints and varnishes allow to create interesting, visually attractive decorations which are sure to be memorable to the guests.

Phosphorescent paints – an original solution in interior design

The alternative to fluorescent varnishes are phosphorescent paints. Their main property is capturing, and then the absorption of radiation, which then gets gradually released in the form of glow in the dark. Due to the fact that phosphorescent paints glow in the dark, they are not only well visible but also amaze with their surprisingly bright colours. Special paints of this kind enable creation of special and spectacular decorations in clubs or discos. These paints look incredible after dark and are clearly visible at dark spaces. They also give an amazing, spectacular appearance to the room.

Photochromic paints in interiors of clubs, pubs, and bars

When desiging the interiors of places associated mostly with music and fun, it is the intentiveness that matters. Very often, designers want to surprise the guests. This is why photochromic paints are perfect for creating unique arrangement. These paints are photosensitive and they react to the change of lighting. When the coating is in the shade, it usually remains colourless, but under the influence of UV light or sunlight it turns from colourless to coloured and remains this way for some time after the exciting factor (artificial UV light or sunlight) goes out. The more light hits the paint, the more intensive its colour gets. Due to the reversibility of the effect, with a little work (all it requires is to mount appropriate lighting), you can achieve spectacular visual effects – playing with light allows for extreme changes in interior.

Thermochromic paints – creative interiors of entertainment venues

Not all special paints and varnishes focus only on radiation. The best example are thermochromic paints which change colours under the influence of temperature changes. It enables creating a unique interior in bars, pubs, or nightclubs. The mood changes as a result of interactions of the guests (for example, under the influence of their body temperature or a touch). In the case of thermochromic paints, the creativity of the design is limited only by the designer’s inventiveness.

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